TAKINOYU Organic Farm


We have provided to our customers grow organic vegetables in our own farm.


We are making fertilizer by recycling the leftover food.
And we have plowed the fields using the fertilizer.


That is our "Friendly Ryokan to people and environment"!!!


Farm Data:

-Address- 207-2 Nanokamachi Kitame Tendo Yamagata Japan

-Breadth- 15,000m²

-Cultivated vegetables-

  Radish, cucumber, onion, green onion, cabbage, potatoes, spinach, eggplant,

  green pepper, tomato, pumpkin, sweet potato, corn, grapes, kiwi, etc ...


When you open another page from the following address, you will find more  information.

(Sorry Japanese only)




1-1-30 Kamatahoncho Tendo-City
Yamagata, JAPAN 994-0025

TEL +81-23-654-2211

E-mail webmaster@takinoyu.com

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