Hot Spring  "ONSEN"



The nature of the hot spring : Sodium, calcium, sulfate hot spring

Temperature of the origin hot spring : 69 ℃

Efficacy : Arteriosclerosis, cuts, burns, chronic skin disease, neuralgia, muscle pain,

                 joint pain, frozen shoulder, stiffness of joints, and bruises, and sprains,

                 chronic digestive disease, poor circulation, illness recovery, fatigue recovery,

                 health promotion


Contraindication disease :

                Acute disease, active tuberculosis, malignant tumor, severe heart disease,

                respiratory failure, renal failure, bleeding disorders, severe anemia,

                during pregnancy(In particular, initial and last stage).


History : Early Tendo hot spring, 1886, for the fields of water secured, hot water was

               boiling where it dug a well,  called "Kamata hot spring".
               Discover the high temperature of the source in 1911.

               In 1924 it was renamed to the current "Tendo hot spring".


*Public bath for male and female are the size of about 1,000m².

*Open : pm 3:00 

 Close : am 10:00

1-1-30 Kamatahoncho Tendo-City
Yamagata, JAPAN 994-0025

TEL +81-23-654-2211


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