OMOTENASHI  ~ Soul of our hospitality ~

Our Ryokan's theme is "Smile" !



Ryokan's name is "Hohoemi-no-yado TAKINOYU".

 Japanese notation is "ほほえみの宿滝の湯"


We will always try to service with SMILE to our customers.

Although not many staff can speak a foreign language in our Ryokan,

We will service in the heart of the voice.

Japanese-Western Style 

We combine the Japanese traditional style and Western style.


For example,

Room with Japanese-style tatami-mat  room and bedroom.

Venue to dine at the chair and table.

Japanese, Western, Chinese cuisine. Ramen, soba, tempura, sushi.etc...


You can choose your favorite style.


Safety and Relax.


We have been made to the following initiatives in order to provide a safe and relaxing to our customers.


*Cultivation of vegetables in the organic farm and provide to our customers.


*We don"t use as much as possible the chemical seasoning.


*We have prepared the organic soap in public baths


*We are friendly to the environment to take advantage of the solar panels and bio-diesel.

1-1-30 Kamatahoncho Tendo-City
Yamagata, JAPAN 994-0025

TEL +81-23-654-2211


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