We have also owned "HIROSHIGE MUSEUM OF ART"

Since HIROSHIGE is very related to the Tendo-City, Our president had collected from before.


Museum Data:

-Adress- 1-2-1 Kamatahoncho Tendo Yamagata Japan

-TEL- +81 23-654-6555

-FAX- +81 23-654-6554

-E-mail-  info@hiroshige-tendo.jp


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"Why is Hiroshige Museum of Art in TENDO ?"

When the Tendo clan was in bad financial condition at the end of Shogun Tokugawa's reign, they asked Hiroshige to draw some pictures which were called "Tendo Hiroshige". These pictures were drawn by a writing brush directly onto silk, and it is thought that Hiroshige drew more than two hundred pieces at that time.
Currently,there are nineteen pieces within the Tendo area which have great historical significance. These events led to the establishment of a Hiroshige Museum of Art in Tendo on April 18th 1997, to coincide with the 200thanniversary of Hiroshige's birth.





A Nikuhitsu-ga is a painting, which made using a writing brush and drawing directly onto silk, paper, or wood . Therefore only one original is ever made. Nikuhitsu-ga paintings differ from wood block prints which many copies can be made at one time.




"Where there many HIROSHIGE ?"

There were five generations in total, who named Hiroshige. Hiroshiges II and III were from students of the first Hiroshige, and Hiroshiges IV and V were from his relatives.


1-1-30 Kamatahoncho Tendo-City
Yamagata, JAPAN 994-0025

TEL +81-23-654-2211

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